Brake Repair in College Station, Texas

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Overview of Brakes

Here at Pro-Tec Auto Repair, we are equipped and prepared to assist with all your brake care needs. This includes brake repair, maintenance, inspection, and parts replacement. Your vehicle’s brake system is arguably the most important for your safety, so you must stay on top of its basic service needs and remain vigilant when something goes awry. Most cars possess a disc or drum brake system, or a combination of both, comprising many components that play a part in your car’s ability to stop promptly. Disc brakes include brake pads, brake calipers, and brake rotors. Drum brakes incorporate brake shoes, brake drums, and pistons. If your vehicle is from 2004 and beyond, it also contains an anti-lock braking system. Working with your car’s standard brake system, the anti-lock brakes automatically pump your regular brakes in an emergency stop. If this system becomes compromised, we can help with it, too. Our brake repair technicians are experts in the brake system and how to best take care of it. Learn more today by calling us at 979-694-4000. We look forward to your visit here at 601 Harvey Road, College Station, TX 77840, US.