Check Engine Light Diagnostics in College Station, Texas

Efficient and Accurate Diagnostics Troubleshooting

Behind the Check Engine Light

Vehicles are complex machines with many moving parts. The on-board diagnostic system was implemented in all models from 1996 and on to keep a better tab on how your vehicle is operating. The OBD-II system is integrated into your vehicle, and it constantly monitors the functions of your engine, transmission, and exhaust system. If it identifies an issue with one of these components, it alerts you via the check engine light in your dashboard. This warning light will be stagnant more often than not, and we encourage you to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. However, if you’re experiencing a flashing check engine light, a more serious problem has been detected, and we recommend pulling over and calling us for further instruction. Meanwhile, the associated diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is sent to your car’s computer system. Once you visit for check engine light diagnostics, we use our advanced equipment to read the code and determine the issue at hand. At Pro-Tec Auto Repair in College Station, Texas, we are well-versed in diagnosing and treating vehicle issues of all degrees.