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How to Care for an Engine

Entrust your car engine’s care to the service team at Pro-Tec Auto Repair in College Station, Texas, and you’ll gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle is in the hands of well-trained professionals. Engine health is essential to long, fruitful ownership, and we go above and beyond to ensure optimum performance. The good news is that you can prevent many causes of premature engine wear and problems with proper maintenance. Air, oil, and fuel filters keep contaminants out. Oil changes ensure your engine is kept cool and lubricated. And the occasional tune-up is a good complement to essential service not just because it’s fun but because putting your powertrain through its paces helps keep it “healthy.” We offer additional engine maintenance services, including coolant replenishment, spark plug and spark plug wiring replacement, and diagnostics. We encourage following your vehicle’s prescribed service intervals listed in its owner’s manual. Lack of routine engine maintenance can lead to various issues, such as misfiring, overheating, and wear. Rest assured our engine repair specialists will be able to accommodate all your engine service needs.