Wheel Alignment in College Station, Texas

Ensure Your Car’s Performance

What Is Wheel Alignment Service?

One of the best ways to ensure your car’s performance is a professional wheel alignment through our auto repair shop. By aligning your vehicle’s wheels so that they’re pointing in the same direction and your tires contacting the road at the right angle, you’ll be assured of confident steering, smooth turning, and safe travels all year round. Through a combination of leading-edge technology and high-level training, the service specialists at Pro-Tec Auto Repair in College Station, Texas, confidently bring key components such as the toe and camber into harmony. The toe is the angle at which the car’s wheels point inward or outward inside the wheel well, while the camber is the angle to which the wheels point inward or outward relative to the top of the wheel well. Also important is the caster, which is the angle of the steering pivot when viewed from the side. A caster can either be positive or negative. Various circumstances can cause your wheels to fall out of alignment: basic wear, a collision, the installation of new tires, raising or lowering your suspension, driving over a pothole or speed bump too fast, or hitting a curb.